Volunteer Training

If you want to become a volunteer, please email: MRC@mchd-tx.org
For volunteers, please access SNS trainings at: https://tx.train.org
After creating and account, search courses by ID number:

Course ID Course Name
1009414 SNS 110 POD Training
1010263 Working in a POD (1CEU)
1010523 The POD Game
1013282 SNS: Basic Intro for Hospital Preparedness Staff (1CEU)
1013352 Introductions to Points of Dispensing
1015200 SNS: A Basic Intro for SNS Volunteers (1CEU)
1018973 Intro to SNS and Mass Prophylaxis (0.3 CEU)
1022753 POD Operations
1027222 SNS: A Basic Intro for SNS Medical Workers (1CEU)
1031228 Establishing Closed PODs: An Overview of Recruitment, Training and Operational Matters